Molise is an intertwining of nature with man

Molise, a small region, an intertwining of nature with man. Designed by the rivers the Trigno, the Biferno and the Fortore that marked the 'Tratturi', the paths of the shepherds who brought the transhumance of millions of sheep from the Apennines to the sea.

And then the sea, the Adriatic with its always somewhat magical breezes that envelop the landscape, spaces, things, soliciting joyful thoughts like the olive trees of Molise, trees full of sanctity as D'Annunzio said, but with those leaves which in the sun are the very image of light, of infinity.

It is also the place of silence of the small inhabited centers and the countryside, the cultivated fields and the villages like embroidery on the warp of a pillow. A rare perfection between the climate, nature, the sea.